We build lightweight sandwich panels and modular systems. Our panels and modular systems guarantee savings in terms of weight and faster processing times with respect to further applications.

Baer has many years of experience in designing and producing modern, lightweight composite panels. Optimally serving our customers demands the right kind of expertise, not just about raw materials but also about the choice of production materials and custom modification of the products. We understand the customer demands regarding our sandwich panels. We know our customers.

With us, you’re in good hands! We’re fully equipped to provide our customers with a complete product. Baer is continuously investing in the latest production methods, allowing us to guarantee the best possible quality and short turnaround times. We have heavily automated our gluing process and we work in a fully conditioned environment.

In addition, we have enough of all the necessary raw materials at our disposal, allowing us to be flexible and reliable with our delivery times.

Our strength lies in the way in which we convert the customer’s ideas and wishes into a tailor-made product with a high degree of precision in respect to dimensions. We provide the option of incorporating a wide variety of inlays, insulation materials and cover plates into the sandwich panel. Our in-house technology allows us to provide three-dimensional, multifunctional sandwich panels with different levels of processing.


Our mission is
to do our part in
contributing to the sustainable
transport of
people and materials.


We are a reliable company that not only invests in the latest new production methods, but also its people. The wellbeing of our employees is important to us, and we try to get the very best out of ourselves in order to optimally advise and serve our customers. We are flexible and always discuss what is best for the customer. Nothing is too big of a challenge for us. You can count on us to realise your ideas.


At Baer, we have a team of highly qualified people with a driving ambition to produce the best possible products for the customer.

Managing Director
Bart Müller
Tieze Müller
Erik Graauwmans
Team leaders
Tom de Waal
Waldemar Nadarzewski
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Attention to quality

Baer works with the finest raw materials and with the absolute best specialists in the areas of foam, wood, polyester facing and aluminium facing. All new raw materials are thoroughly tested before being approved to use in applications during the production process.

The foundation for a high-quality sandwich panel is a perfect adhesive bond and precise dimensions. Baer has heavily automated its gluing process and works in a fully conditioned environment. The gluing process is an extremely specialised process. Creating the best possible adhesive bond is a matter of testing, assessing and establishing the appropriate procedure.

We carry out the following quality checks in-house:

  • 1.All raw materials are checked for conformity upon receipt.
  • 2.We check the dimensions and pay extra attention to thickness tolerances.
  • 3.We check the consistency of the glue in the gluing machine twice every day.
  • 4.We carry out consistency checks, where we use Baer’s dimensional tolerances (tolerance sheet) or the tolerances specified by the customer.


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